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OPM copiers was incorporated in the year 1992 at Gladesville, Australia. Since then, we have addressed the needs of residential and businesses by providing innovative solutions at cut-rate prices. With years of expertise and commitment, we have evolved as a renowned and trustworthy provider in Australia by offering products and services that meet customer’s expectations. We stand sturdy among other industry providers for our matchless quality and value.

Since we focus on increasing your comfort and simplify business operations, we market an extensive range of products including printers, scanners, cameras, storage & networking devices, security & automation products, office products, etc. Make sure to list your requirements and discuss it with us. We aim to deliver the best at your estimated budgets.


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We broaden your potential customer's volume by creating sales opportunities and share our expertise to help you succeed.

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We offer solutions that enhance your comfort and help you focus on business

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Build connections to increase your social structure and value.

Why Choose US

With decades of experience, we know what exactly to provide our clients to keep them delighted. Understanding the nature of the market and products, we create solutions that add value and comfort in your daily life.

We ensure to distribute innovative products to help your business thrive in ease. Call us today to enquire more on products and services.

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